Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Dixie Bulls

Colton had a blast playing in the Dixie WeeBall league this year. Brad and some of his friends coached the team, and we were the Bulls. It was quite interesting, to say the least, watching 3 & 4 yr olds trying to figure out what to do with the ball….but, oh so worth it. Basically, our boys would run and tackle the ball when it was hit, and make a dog pile. They had a great time, and made some great new friends. I hope these boys have a long baseball career ahead with each other. Go Bulls!!!!!DSC06808 DSC06527  DSC06837DSC06859 DSC07162 So proud of his trophy : )DSC07163 Hot, tired and thirsty Bulls!DSC07165 Thanks everyone for a GREAT season! Can’t wait to start again : )

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kiddie Mia’s Play Date

With the hot June weather upon us, what better place to go than and indoor play area with unlimited rides for the kiddos….for $5! Today mom and I took Raelee, Colton and Alyssa to Kiddie Mia’s. Our best buds Mrs. Margaret, Will and Lexi met us there too. The kids had so much fun riding each ride as many times as they wanted. We ate lunch, had popsicles and picked out a prize. I love fun, new places to take my kiddos and watch them just enjoy life.DSC07082DSC07089 DSC07090DSC07091 DSC07096DSC07100DSC07109DSC07095 DSC07110DSC07119DSC07125DSC07129DSC07137What a fun day! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

First and foremost, Memorial Day is a day to honor those who have served our country. We are so thankful for the sacrifice that these men and women have given for our country. The next best thing about it is food, fun, family…..and POOL TIME! Memorial weekend is the big kickoff to summer.  We all head to mom and dad’s, eat crawfish, watermelon and SWIM. The kids are excited to be out of school, and the parents are thankful for an extra day off : )DSC07045  DSC07047  DSC07050 DSC07052 DSC07065 DSC07062 DSC07070  DSC07071DSC07057DSC07076 DSC07079 DSC07080

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Big 3-0

I can’t not believe my “little” brother turned THIRTY this weekend. I will never forget the time I looked up, and all of the sudden he was taller than me. No matter how much we ever fought and argued, I knew he was always there to have my back.

In honor of Kevin’s birthday, we celebrated at Chicky’s Boom Boom Room and listened to the great music of Bushrod Jenkins.DSC07022DSC07014 DSC07025

The next night we celebrated with a birthday dinner at Saltgrass at the Boardwalk. DSC07026DSC07029 sweet cousins : )DSC07031DSC07032  We did a little shopping and the girls had fun riding the trolley.DSC07035

Kevin, I love you so much and am so honored to be your one and only sister. I am so proud of the father and husband that you have become, and the beautiful family that you have. You are raising some amazing kids. Never let life get in your way. You have overcome so much, and I know God will continue to do great things for you. I am always here, and you will always be my baby brother. Love you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I’m Baaaaack!

I have been a VERY bad blogger lately. I went from documenting everything my children did, to taking a 3 month hiatus. Now, I look back, and wish I would have never stopped, because I love looking back and reading all of the fun things we do together. I’m committing myself to get back to blogging, but I don’t think I can make up the last 3 months. So, here are some highlights just to get you caught up with the Johnsons : )DSC06034Raelee and Brad went on their first “Daddy Daughter Dance” with her Girl Scouts. It was a Hollywood theme, and they had a blast!

DSC06467 Easter

DSC06503Grandmother and Pawpaw’s pool is opened!

DSC06545DSC06589 Colton started “WeeBall” and Brad is coaching his team...The Bulls. I see MANY baseball games in my future with these two : )

DSC06602 Raelee finished out first grade with Straight A’s ALL year in grades and in conduct. I am so proud of that baby girl. She had a fabulous year!

DSC06813 She also bridged from a Daisy Girl Scout to a Brownie : )

DSC06888 Colton graduated from PreK-3 at Ellerbe, and will be there one more year for PreK-4. I am so thankful for such a fabulous place to watch my children grow, and prepare them for “big kid” school.

Those are just a few of the great things that the Johnsons have been working on. Soccer, school,WeeBall, Girl Scouts and lots of birthday parties and play dates….that pretty much sums up March, April and May. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and friends, and precious memories to share with all of them.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Game Time

Today was a beautiful day! We started out the morning with a soccer game. If you have an all girl team…you must have cute matching soccer socks….right? Notice how precious the girls all looked in their red socks with soccer balls. Don’t let the bows fool you though. These girls are tough. We are an ALL girl 1st grade team that played an all boy (with 1 girl) 2nd grade team. The Lady Wildcats kept their elbows out and played like champs. A few of them even took a ball or two to the face (including Rae).DSC05897 DSC05913DSC05940DSC05959 DSC05960DSC05949

After the rough game, we thought the kids deserved a lunch at Chick-fil-a. Just a warning, it’s never a good thing to take a whole soccer team to CFA on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone else in Shreveport had the same idea. They had fun though, and they all got balloon animals. Raelee also had free ice cream coupons from her straight A’s, so we headed over to Kaleidoscoops. It was a  yummy way to end the afternoon. DSC05966 DSC05967 DSC05973

Brad had to go back to the fire station, and me and the kiddos enjoyed the rest of the day : )